DailyGram, Thursday, February 27th, 2020

What we did today:

Block Area: We played with our wooden blocks for a while today. We used our dress up buckets as trays and the blocks as the batter and “baked cakes.” We built a ramp for our cars and tested all of them on it. We built a pirate ship with a bucket and some blocks and went for a sail.

Manipulatives: We used our Lego to build robots. We used our connect and create to make hammers to hammer our classroom shelves. We also used them to make an iron for our dress up clothes.

Housekeeping: We fed our baby dolls bottles, dressed up like superheroes, and washed our dress up clothes in the sink.

Infant/Toddler Room Activity: We teethed, played with our musical mat, made faces at ourselves in the mirror, and wiggled all around.

Outside Time: We couldn’t go outside on account of the rain today so we stayed in and played with our parachute and tossing balls into buckets.

At Morning Meeting: We read “Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice” again at Sila’s request. We sang “The Days of the Week Go Round and Round” and “Love, Love, Love.” We did fairy yoga. Silas helped with the calendar today.

For Breakfast We Had: Cheerios, bananas, and milk.

For Lunch We Had: Chicken (Meat alternate: Cheese), stuffing with pesto, brussel sprouts, salad, and milk

For Snack We Had: Cereal bars, and milk

We had nap time from 1:00 to 3:00