DailyGram, Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

What we did today:

Manipulatives: We built with our magnet blocks, we made “castles,” “rocket ships,” and “cake.” We used our Lego to build tall towers and “robots.”

Housekeeping: We cuddled our baby dolls. We used our containers and spoons to make “ice cream for everybody.”

Sensory Table: We played in our rice table, we scooped, dug and dumped rice. We made a “castle” and a “tractor”

Infant/Toddler Room Activity: We rolled our balls, crawled around, and played with our infant toys.

Project: We made Lions with paper plates and googly eyes.

Outside Time: We got out our big trucks, and hauled rocks and “moved dirt” to “up.” We also used our rocks in our playhouse kitchen to “bake chicken.”

At Morning Meeting: We read “First 100 Machines” which Zachariah brought to share with his friends today. We sang our good morning song. We did our lamb and lion chart, we thought today was a lion day because of all the wind. We did our calendar, Zachariah was helper today.

For Breakfast We Had: Wheat toast with strawberry jam, and milk.

For Lunch We Had: Beef ravioli (Meat alternate: kidney beans and whole wheat crackers), carrots, broccoli and milk

For Snack We Had: Raw broccoli with ranch dressing, and whole wheat crackers.

We had nap time from 1:00 to 3:00