DailyGram 1/13/21

DailyGram, Wednesday, January, 13, 2021

What we did today:

Block Area: We played with our people and built houses out of our wooden blocks.

Manipulatives: We did our transportation puzzle and then pretended the boat was sailing away and the plane was flying away. We tried to do the alphabet puzzle, but it’s a tricky one so we’ll have to keep working on it.

Housekeeping: Jahzelle made “foody” and served it to all of her friends. Aubree went and found the baby doll bottle in the other room to feed her baby. We played witches and used the dustpan and the frying pan as magic wands.

Infant/Toddler Room Activity: We crawled, rolled and jumped. We played with our singing sea animals toy and our new fidget cube.

At Morning Meeting: We read “The Letters are Lost,” our favorite part was “B” being in the bath. We sang “Open, Shut Them” and did the motions along with the song. We sang our days of the week song and our January song well we did calendar, Jahzelle was the helper today. We talked about the weather, it took a few minutes to convince us it wasn’t snowing today, well we looked out the window.

Project: We did letter and animal stamps. Jaelynn did all the stamps that make her name, her friends were too impatient for that and just did lots of random stamps. They all had fun though.

Outside: We were pirates “who steal treasure.” Jaelynn was the captain driving the boat and Jahzelle helped look for treasure. They found some but “it isn’t very shiny” “oh, no it’s a toy treasure!” We rode our rocking horse and talked about lots of different animal noises. We played on the swings.

For Breakfast We Had: toast and clementines

For Snack We Had: apples and bread

For Lunch We Had: ham and cheese sandwiches, baked beans and peas

We had nap time from 1:00 to 3:00

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