DailyGram 2/22/21

DailyGram, Monday, February, 22, 2021

What we did today:

Block Area: We built tall towers while singing “London Bridge is not falling down” with our wooden blocks.

Manipulatives: We made “snakes” with rows of pegs and made them wiggle. We built castles with our mirror blocks.

Housekeeping: We put the babies to bed, looked at books and played hide and seek.

Infant/Toddler Room Activity: We hid inside our big box. We tried to ride our cars but we could only figure out how to go backwards. We rattled and banged to make lots of noise. We teethed on bristle blocks and tried to stick them together.

Outside: “All aboard!” Chy’anna and Jaelynn yelled from on top of the play structure, come and ride our train. We dug in the snow and tried to build “snow castles” like sand castles. Jonathan spent a while talking to the chickens.

For Breakfast We Had: fruity cheerios, pineapple and milk

For Snack We Had: pickles and goldfish crackers

For Lunch We Had: cheese and beef quesadillas, brussel sprouts, carrots and milk

We had nap time from 1:00 to 3:00

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