DailyGram 2/23/21

DailyGram, Tuesday, February, 23, 2021

What we did today:

Block Area: We drove trucks and played ice cream man with our little people.

Manipulatives: We discovered our suction cups will stick to our magnet board. We stuck bristle blocks together and pulled them apart.

Housekeeping: We wrapped our babies up in a blanket and put them to bed on the shelves. We used stacking cups and blocks as food in the kitchen. We played hide and seek in our big cardboard box and took turns hiding and knocking on it.

Infant/Toddler Room Activity: We were a small group so we played all together today.

Project: We finger painted winter storms to music.

Outside: We dug in the snow. We played on our swings and our slides. We said hello to the chickens and took a look at their eggs, we counted 2.

For Breakfast We Had: oatmeal, applesauce and milk

For Snack We Had: pineapple and pretzels

For Lunch We Had: rice and taco meat, cabbage and beets, and milk

We had nap time from 1:00 to 3:00

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