DailyGram 2/26/21

DailyGram, Friday, February, 26, 2021

What we did today:

Block Area: We played with our motion toys, and worked out that the higher the ramp was the faster things rolled. We also figured out we could stop them rolling if we put other blocks in the way.

Manipulatives: We did quite a few different puzzles all together, a little bit at a time. We stacked our pegs up until they fell and rolled all over, so we decided they might be good to use with our motion toys, they roll better than our film canister but worse than a ball.

Housekeeping: We used our brooms to actually sweep up our playdough mess, and worked together to get it all on one square of the floor tiles and into the dust pan. Then we pretended we were witches.

Infant/Toddler Room Activity: We worked on our fine motor skills with our beehive toy. We practiced up and down with our mats and a stool, and in and out with our toys and a bucket. We stacked our stacking cups and felt the animals on the bottom, then we tasted them.

At Morning Meeting: We read “The Little Penguin.” We did calm down yoga and empathy yoga. We did our calendar, Aubree was the helper today. She did a really good job with the weather. We sang our February song for one last time this year and a song about love to the tune of row, row your boat.

Project: We made a “car,” “my handprint”, “playdough ice cream” and some “food” with our playdough.

For Breakfast We Had: Kix cereal, milk and grape juice

For Snack We Had: milk and crackers

For Lunch We Had: ham sandwiches, beets, pickles and milk

We had nap time from 1:00 to 3:00

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